Why Is Jesus The Only Path To Full Humanity?

Why Is Jesus The Only Path To Full Humanity?

I think this question gets at the heart of Christianity’s claim to be the only complete way to God.  If there is another path that will do all the same things (or more), then Christianity’s claims are false. 

So, why do Christians think Jesus is the only path to true humanity?  If Jesus is who Christian theology says he is, then he is the following: 

1) The Creator of all mankind

That means he knows how to make humans, since he has already done it.  So, repairing them and remaking them into full humans is well within his capability. 

That also means that we would be hard-pressed to find a better option.  If we think about it, where exactly would we turn to find someone to remake us into full humans better than the one who made us in the first place?  The only possible option would be someone/something above the Creator who could criticize his original work.  On Christianity, there is no one above the Creator, so this is not possible. 

2) The image of the invisible God

Previously, I described how Jesus is the place where God and man meet and what it means to be in the image of God.  On Christianity, Jesus is actually the full visible representation of the invisible God. 

Furthermore, he lived a human life as a human was meant to be.  Certainly, Jesus was more than human, but he was not less.  When we talk about Jesus as being the image of God, we mean something more than you or me as the image of God, but we do not mean something less. 

The importance of this is that not only does Jesus know our goal and what it means to live as a true human, but he actually is that goal.  He is the image of God and our Creator, and we are being renewed in the image of our Creator (Col 3.9-10).  If he is what we are being made to look like, then it would make no sense to look elsewhere for someone/something to help us look more like our Creator than our Creator. 

3) The one who has the ability to renew man into the image of God 

Christ has made a way for us to to become renewed humans.  Because he died on the cross and rose from the dead, two things have happened. 

First, he reconciled God and man.  Previously, there was hostility between the two parties, because man chose to rebel against God.  Now, he has made it possible for those humans who want peace and a good relationship with God to have those things. 

Second, he brings those who follow him with him in the resurrection from the dead.  The journey to renewal into full humanity that they begun by following Christ in this life will be completed in the next life. 

If everything that Christians claim is true, it makes perfect sense that Christ is the only path to full humanity.  Of course, these are statements simply saying "that" he has the ability to do these things. The follow-up question is, of course, "How do we know any of this is actually true?"

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